making of SPÖ

shooting all 4 backgrounds in advance and then the mayor of vienna in the appropriate light situations in the vienna city hall. pretty tricky…

making of FEH

a lot of work and a really complex light setting in a rental studio. but i had a great team.

making of Snow Whites

this was the most lavish shooting i ever did just for fun. i liked the idea of shooting 7 snow whites instead of seven dwarves. i didn’t count my helping hands, but i think we were around 25 people using 8 cars getting around and carrying all the models, the props and the equipment just to realise my ideas (for free!!!).
i guess i’m pretty privileged 🙂

making of BILLA

the players of the austrian national football team. 9 shots – 30 minutes. this is what i call high speed shooting 😉


a charity shooting with children acting out their dreams while sitting on their therapy horses. definitely not that easy, but what an experienc and what a great day for all of us.
the backgrounds were made in photoshop by my dear friends truc phan and alex nemec. thanx again for the great work ;-).
the rollingboards have been on display for nearly one year now…

making of Wien Energie

car photography in a huge rental studio. complex task.
these shots were taken with an old cellphone a long time ago. that’s why they look a little bit lousy…

Making of Chemie

in a rental studio with a lot of light. and a lot of fun…

Making of Wiener Linien

when shooting these 3 pics for the vienna public transport company it was either extremely windy or very hot. or both.

Making of the aviation project BORG Mistelbach

1 airport, 15 ladies, 3 gentlemen, 1 makeup artist, styling photographers own, myriads of props and 14 great helping hands:
14 shots and just 8 hours time. high speed photography again 😉